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Heidi Daniels
Heidi Daniels is a sophomore at Middletown High School, and is currently in her first semester of Journalism. She has always had a love for writing, specifically short stories. Outside of school, Heidi loves to play basketball for her church, and is currently taking piano lessons, in which she is enjoying, taught by a neighbor. She enjoys watching USA’s White Collar and Netflix’s Leverage with her family. Other than TV, basketball, and piano, Heidi loves to do hairstyles and loves to try new beauty tips, whether it be hair, makeup, or fashion. Her family is very supportive with whatever choice she makes, but can sometimes get on her about her size, seeing that she is 5’0. Heidi hopes to become a better writer in the future, whether it be writing for a local newspaper or being a cameraman or anchor for a local news channel.

Heidi Daniels, Round Table reporter

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