Mullins welcomes new addition to family

By Sarah Jacques
Round Table editor-in-chief

Daniel Mullins, assistant principal at Middletown High School, has recently welcomed a new addition to his family: his newborn son, Oliver Danger.

Oliver was born on Nov. 26, weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces. During the delivery, Mullins felt nervous but joyful. “I had so much respect and pride for my wife [during the delivery],” said Mullins.

After the delivery, Mullins and his daughter, 3-year-old Delia Star, welcomed Oliver to the family. “[Oliver] is healthy and handsome with a head full of fuzzy black hair,” said Mullins. “He has a big nose and big ears. I think he will grow into the nose, but might be cursed with his dad’s ears.”

When Mullins found out that his wife was expecting the baby, he felt “equal amounts of joy and anxiety.” He and his wife prepared by saving money and preparing Oliver’s room.

While preparing for Oliver’s arrival, they thought of different ideas to make sure Delia Star did not feel overlooked. “We gave [Delia] a lifelike baby doll the day she met Oliver. She mimics what we are doing with Oliver on the doll, like feeding it,” said Mullins.

Mullins and his wife worried that Delia would be unhappy receiving less attention, but he says she is doing well. “She loves him very much, even though it is hard for her to have less attention,” he said.

The Mullins gave both of their children unique names. Delia was given the middle name of “Star” because Mullins and his wife met for the first time on New Hampshire’s Star Island.

Oliver Danger’s name was given to him quite differently. “We chose ‘Danger’ to be Oliver’s middle name because we’ve always been a bit punk-rock. We were both slightly dangerous children, so it sounded like an appropriate warning label,” said Mullins.

Whether or not Oliver turns out to be “slightly dangerous” like his mom and dad, he will surely have a great life filled with love from his family.