Skip Wizards jump at Heritage Days


By Kyle Frazier
Round Table reporter



The crowd at Middletown Heritage Days watched in awe as the Skip Wizards jump roped and performed tricks that would cause most people to fall flat on their backs.

The routines were only practiced for about a week or two and yet the mistakes made were minimal. The coordination was for the most part dead on, and aside from a rope hitting a Wizard once or twice, the showing went very well.

Many of the routines were ones that the Wizards have been performing and practicing for months, even years. However, there were plenty of fairly recent routines including two new singles by Tracey Film and Middletown High School Junior Sarah Woods.

These two also made a duo jump roping routine called a wheel.
Woods, who is one of the oldest people on the team, has been with the team for eight years. However, this is her first time that she and the team have jumped at Heritage days.

“I’m glad we got a chance to jump in Middletown,” said Woods, about being able to showcase her passion to her peers.

Woods hopes that this will not be the last time her team jumps at Heritage Days.

The Skip Wizards will persist to jump and people will continue to watch this growing sport, and maybe the Wizards will return to Heritage Days next year.