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Review: “Jumanji” takes it to “The Next Level”


By Juliana Foster, RT Wrap lifestyle segment producer

January 21, 2020

A few years ago the classic Robin William’s fantasy/comedy movie Jumanji was remade with a bit of a modern twist on the original. Just last month a sequel to the 2017 version of Chris Van Allsburg's 1980s children's book was released in theatres. The movie made $59.3 million in just two days, and the...

Review: Is Daniel Caesar’s “Case Study 01” the best R&B album of the year?

Review: Is Daniel Caesar's

By Hanna Green, Local News producer

January 16, 2020

Recently this year R&B and soul singer Daniel Caesar released a new album called CASE STUDY 01. Daniel made this album simply about existing. This album to me has more of a chill and calm vibe. Daniel Caesar has become more popular this year mostly because of this album. In the album there are...

Review: ‘Fine Line’ is an album of honesty and self-acceptance

Review: 'Fine Line' is an album of honesty and self-acceptance

By Leah Heon, RT Magazine executive producer

January 10, 2020

Singer-songwriter Harry Styles recently released his sophomore album Fine Line, a record filled to the brim with apparent heartache and brutal honesty.  Opening the album with the light and inviting melodies of “Golden”, Styles introduces his 12-track record. Though listeners should not get too us...

Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

By Hanna Green, Local News Producer

January 9, 2020

The heart warming movie “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is about a race car driver and his dog trying to achieve the dream he has always wanted. While a long the way he faces many struggles to achieve those dreams.  In the movie the golden retriever dog named Enzo narrates what he is thinking...

Review: It’s all about “You”

By Jayden Bidle, reporter

January 6, 2020

On December 26th, 2019, the second season of the show “You” was released on Netflix. Revolving around a psychotic yet somewhat relatable main character, Joe Goldberg, this series keeps you on the edge of your seat.   The first season of the show developed Joe’s character as he fell head o...

Review: Billie Eilish’s new song “xanny”

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 14: Singer Billie Eilish arrives for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

December 20, 2019

Recently Billie Eilish has come out with another new song called “xanny”. The message of this song Billie was trying to express was to be safe with drugs. She also gives a message to teens to not give into the peer pressure of drugs.  Billie not only came out with a new song, she also produced the ...

Podcast: Film Feels, Episode 5_”Klaus”

Podcast: Film Feels, Episode 5_

By Jacob Daniels, Fun Feature Editor

December 18, 2019

Jacob Daniels reviews the Netflix Christmas film, "Klaus."

Review: Luke Combs’ New Album “What You See Is What You Get”

Review: Luke Combs’ New Album “What You See Is What You Get”

By Jayden Bidle, reporter

December 3, 2019

On Nov, 8, 2019, country singer Luke Combs released his newest album with seventeen new songs. His fans were pleasantly surprised by the release of “What You See is What You Get.” In this new album, Combs refers back to his roots with some nineties sounding country songs. His songs such as “...

Review: Billie Eilish’s new song “everything i wanted”

Review: Billie Eilish's new song

By Hanna Green, Local News Producer

November 26, 2019

Recently Billie Eilish released a new hit single called “everything i wanted”. Billie talks about how every lyric has a different meaning and if she could explain it all she would. The way she would summarize the whole meaning of the song is that “it’s me talking about how sometimes everything ...

Podcast: Film Feels, Episode 3_”Jeff Garlin Our Man in Chicago”

Podcast: Film Feels, Episode 3_

By Jacob Daniels, Fun Feature Editor

November 21, 2019

Jacob Daniels reviews Jeff Garlin's newest stand up comedy special, Jeff Garlin Our Man in Chicago.

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