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RT+: Chocolate chip cookies

January 11, 2021

RT reporter Gabby Pieklo shows us how to make a classic cookie.

RT+: A rare makeup experience

November 30, 2020

Gabby Pieklo, who never wears makeup, lets her sister, Ginger, give her a look.

RT+: Sprite Showdown

November 16, 2020

RT reporter Erin Kady tests McDonald's and Burger King's Sprites in order to conclude which Sprite is better.

Fun Feature: Guess that Christmas song

January 2, 2020

Round Table reporters Jordan Long and Hanna Green challenge each other to see who knows more Christmas songs. Watch and play along with them to see how many you know.

Fun feature: Sports superstitions

December 17, 2019

Many athletes have a specific routine they complete before each game that they believe will give them good luck. Leah Heon and Lauren Leatherman talk to MHS students about their sports superstitions.

Fun feature: Hot or Not_Movember edition

November 18, 2019

Jacob Daniels asks MHS student if celebrities with mustaches are hot or not.

Fun Feature: Fashion 411_Jeans

November 6, 2019

MHS reporters, Mallory Beck and Morgan Vandre review jeans  on trend and popular around MHS.

Fun feature: Crayola Crayon Challenge

October 31, 2019

Jacob Daniels tests MHS students to see if they can properly name Crayola crayons.

Fun Feature: Halloween Trivia

October 17, 2019

Round Table reporters Hanna Green and Jordan Long asked Middletown High School students Halloween trivia to see how much they knew about the holiday.

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