Photo gallery: Girls basketball season


Photo by Audrey Fisher

By Audrey Fisher, RT Reporter

Morgan Weaver drives to the basket in a game against Walkersville.
Lauren Keeney takes it to the basket surrounded by a group of Walkersville players.
Looking for an open teammate, Morgan Weaver surveys the court.
Bri Crutchfield rises up at the free throw line for a contested mid-range jump shot.
Junior Alyssa Arney puts up a shot right next to the hoop.
Senior Lauren Keeney collides with a defender on her way to the basket.
Morgan Weaver takes a mid-range jump shot after getting an open shot.
Lauren Keeney goes for the finish as she fights her way through a group of Walkersville defenders.
Junior Bri Crutchfield takes a floater as she drives into the lane.
Peyton Weaver leaps into the air to catch a pass from her teammate.
With the defense closing in, there is no other option for Peyton Weaver, who takes the shot.

Photos by Audrey Fisher