MHS students compete in the “Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters Title”


By Hannah Miller, Round Table reporter

Recently Kenzie DuMars and Sam Buchanan competed in the “Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters Title” competition, a two day event filled with many different sections.

On day one there is an interview process about the dance resume that they have prepared in advance which includes a headshot and information on their dance experience.

Next there is a opening rehearsal on stage, then a judges preview. During the preview the judges have the opportunity to watch the dancers technique and do not officially judge yet, however it gives them an idea on who to watch closely during the next section.

The next day there are audition classes for tap, ballet and jazz. Then the competition can begin. This year it occurred at ten in the evening. During this section there is an opening number followed by the contestants introducing themselves. This is an important aspect because the judges look for good stage presence and a contestant’s speaking ability on stage. The judges are looking for a good representative for the chapter.

The next part is the solo performance when the dancers change into gowns or suits. Then they stand in a semi-circle on stage and  the announcer reveals the winners and then the past title winners pass out the awards/ scholarships.

The scholarships include the tap, jazz, and ballet categories. The contestant with the highest score receives the award. Then there is an interview award as well as an overall award, which is the best combined class score over everyone.

There is also a Presidential scholarship that is awarderd to the person with the best essay on what dance means to them.Recognition is given to the most talented non-finalist, and a first runner up as well as the winner.

Sam Buchanan was the only male dancer, however in order to receive the title he needed to achieve a set amount of points.

Kenzie DuMars and Sam Buchanan won the interview section together.                       Buchanan received the tap scholarship, and DuMars received the overall scholarship. During this time, Sam turned to Kenzie and said “I have never been happier to not win the overall scholarship.”

They both won the title and now have the opportunity to compete at the National level in Nashville. Buchanan said in reference to him and Kenzie, “We have wanted this for a while and it is hard to put into words how excited we were to go to nationals together.

Sam also said “But was even more exciting was when my best friend Kenzie won right after me.”

During the National Competition, in addition to the usual audition classes, there is a modern audition and more in depth and complicated pieces. In the meantime, DuMars and Buchanan will be able to hand out awards and help the judges for the competition to come. They both felt honored for the title and the abiltity to represent Chapter 17. Buchanan concluded that “The process can be kind of tiring but so rewarding.”