Review: Saving Forever’s ‘Million Ways’ shines with pop potential

By Lucy Kiefert, Round Table entertainment managing editor

The teen dream that is the boyband has existed and dominated culture for decades, and with new group Saving Forever on the music scene, two released singles under their belts, that fantasy is sure to have a renewed longevity.

Saving Forever’s “Million Ways” was released in August of this year but has a strong chance of bringing the three brothers mainstream success; it shines with the glitzy sheen of a pop hit in the making, and is composed of all the vital elements of one, too. From the foundation laid by the low end of the recurring bass riff, to the infectious melody of the chorus, “Million Ways” is bursting at the seams with the catchiness required to make it on radio stations and television channels everywhere, and this type of exposure is not an outlandish possibility for Saving Forever.

Their single is already featured in a Taco Bell commercial, which is arguably the first step to ensuring that the compelling simplicity of their breakout tune is heard, noticed, remembered, enjoyed and, ultimately, purchased. By utilizing avenues such as this one, Saving Forever are slowly but surely slipping into the minds of the audience they wish to entice, one commercial break at a time.

This is not a method unexplored by musical artists; if anything, the choice to feature their material in a more consumable, widespread manner has only brought more success by increasing the amount of people who hear and see them each day. And with a song like “Million Ways”, a song that is so relatable and enjoyable, this is the most fitting decision to make.

One can only hope that, with the potential present in Saving Forever, smart decisions continue to be made, as well as future tunes that live up to the happy hype of “Million Ways.” As the music industry has proven time and time again, one song can skyrocket a group of young boys to the top of the charts, and in this group’s case, that doesn’t seem to be a far-off prediction.