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When I Was A Kid…

…The T.V. Show or Movie I Most Remember


“I loved Rocket Power ‘Woogie Woogie’.”

–Abby Williamson


“Aladdin, I just got it from Netflix and I’m going to watch it a million times!”

–Megan Kelly


 “I remember watching Bear in the Big Blue House.”

– Katie Malagarie


“I always watched Ed, Ed, and Eddy, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

– Aldiyar Murray


“Rocket Power and The Amanda Show. They were on all the time.”

– Ben Lewis


“I liked Hey Arnold.”

–Chris Huffman


“Rocket Power and Hey Arnold, I loved them!”

– Karlye Pick


“Mulan, she was the best of the Disney Princesses.”

–Ella Cady


“Kenan and Kel; it was the best show!”

–Tyler Kisner 


“Mulan, because she saved her country, and Jasmine in Aladdin didn’t really do that much buy complain.”

–Corri Wilkenson


– By Samantha Carter
RT staff reporter

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When I Was A Kid…