Column: Monarchies are fine when you are not paying for them

By Javier Pio

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We all love to watch a royal wedding on TV or know if the new baby is a girl or a boy. Royal families are celebrities and the interesting fact is Americans care more about monarchies that most people in Europe.

As someone from a country with a monarchy, I think Americans like monarchies because they don’t have to pay for it. How would Americans react if they would have to pay money to a family like the Kardashians just because they were born in a wealthy and famous family? Most Americans will probably think that’s crazy but that is what monarchies are. We, I say we as me, my family and most of the people in Europe, have to pay millions of dollars to them.

Right now there are only seven absolutism monarchies in the world and that includes the Vatican City. The Vatican City elects the Pope and the Pope has the right to make all the decisions that he thinks are good for the country. In 2004, the vatican city owned more than $900 million, wouldn’t that money help with issues like hunger?

However, most of the countries with monarchies are constitutional monarchies. This means there’s a royal family who represents the country and has the power to run the country, but they chose to have a democracy so there is a president or a prime minister who runs the country.

For example, Queen Elizabeth II is the most powerful person in England and probably in Europe. Literally, the constitution says that she could kill someone and nothing will happen to her. If she doesn’t run the country, there is parliament and congress and they are in charge of legislature.

As someone from Spain, I have a king and ask why is he there and what does he do? He is there because his father was there before him and the king’s responsibilities are to make sure that the country is doing well. We have a president in Spain and we pay them to do that, we don’t need someone else to do it.

So, if he doesn’t run the country, what does he do? He goes to events with his family, he represents Spain internationally and that’s not bad. I don’t complain about how he does things, I say that we don’t need him, the queen, the princess or anybody in the royal family. They just use public money to get plastic surgery and buy expensive clothes.

Spain is going through a difficult economic situation right now. A lot of people don’t have jobs, and the ones who have jobs don’t make a lot of money. The queen spent $156,300 of public money just on clothes in 2017. Families are getting kicked out of their houses because they can’t pay the house. Meanwhile, the royal family gets more than $9,000,000 of public money for their personal needs, not including their palace, their security, their food, their receptions or anything they do.  Money goes to things like trips to Africa to hunt elephants illegally, buy expensive houses around the world and basically live a life of luxury with my parents money.

Who doesn’t love the queen Elizabeth II? I like her, she always knows what to do, what to say, what to wear… But I’m not from England. I don’t have to pay for her more than 1,000 servants. I like to watch her on TV and talk about her family and what they do but if I lived in England, I wouldn’t like her similar to me not liking the Spanish royal family.

So I understand why Americans like monarchies and it’s because America is not a monarchy. Monarchy is a form of government from the past, and now a days it’s different and I think politics should change as the society changes because monarchies are not a form of government anymore, they are celebrities.

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