It’s never too early for Christmas


Photo by MCT Campus

A Christmas tree sits on a dock in the snow waiting for Santa’s arrival.

By Marley Pratt, Round table reporter

If someone tries to tell me that it’s too early for Christmas music in November, I turn the volume up as high as it can go.

It’s always annoyed me how, if you ask anyone what their favorite holiday is, nine times out of 10 the response to the question is Christmas.

If you don’t like Christmas lights being put up the day after Halloween, or Justin Bieber’s Christmas album being played as soon as you can feel Jack Frost’s presence, then don’t go running your mouth about how Christmas is your favorite holiday.

Everyone welcomes Starbucks’ “buy one holiday drink, get one free” deal of the season on a random weekend with open arms, a whole month before Saint Nick makes his rounds. So why do people complain about the rest of the traditions when they just make the celebration even more special?

A lot of students get a week or more off of school because of the holidays. After this, you’d think they’d feel more grateful for its existence, rather than annoyed. That’s obviously a wrong assumption from what I’ve witnessed the past month at school.

I’ve heard something along the lines of, “It’s so cold outside, can Christmas just come already and then go straight to summer?” That really yanked my chain because, what? That same girl was posting on instagram about how big, chunky sweaters and peppermint mocha latte weather is her aesthetic. Hmmm…

The holidays are all about giving back and spreading joy, so to hear people complain about such a happy time of year is outrageous to me.