Reactions: A battle of convictions in nuclear proportions


By Patrick Velez, Round Table reporter

The U.S. government recently conducted evacuation drills in South Korea for Americans due to a heightening of the possibility of military action.


Middletown High School students and staff had a united front about the events.


MHS freshman Quentin Lawrence had a strong opinion about the drills describing North Korea as “wack,” describing the drills as “necessary because of the constant threats of nuclear war.”


Lawrence was not the only on with a strong opinion about the events.


MHS Work-Based Learning Coordinator Jim Zimmer concluded, “we need to take this seriously.”


Zimmer then described North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, as “erratic.”


“We need to be prepared for him to do anything, he is a threat to the U.S. and the rest of the world.” Finally he added, “the fact that the Korean War 60 years ago didn’t stop this feud is crazy.”


One student gave a more laid back approach about the evacuation drills.


MHS sophomore Brigid Pugh said, “I personally don’t think that the U.S. government is overreacting…North Korea has shown their capability of launching missiles.” She then added with confidence that “it is a good thing for the U.S to have a plan.”


MHS freshman Kelly Shockley stated, “I think North Korea is going to start the war with the U.S because of what they are doing with their missiles. Also, the two leaders are having a war with words with one another.”