Review: Beyonce’s Homecoming


By Hanna Green, Round Table Reporter

One of the most iconic performances ever played at Coachella, now shown in Beyonce’s new movie Homecoming.

Homecoming shows the behind the scenes of the creation of the performance and the struggles Beyonce has gone through during these past years.

From the perfect synchronization to the intricate dance moves and amazing vocals from Beyonce. This movie will give you chills.

As they shot the performance of her show at Coachella well, I would have wanted more content of the behind scenes making of the performance and more insight on Beyonce’s background.

This movie was portrayed as a documentary, while it did have some information about Beyonce’s life and struggles, about seventy-five percent of the movie was the shooting of her performance at Coachella.

Beyonce is the face of women in the music industry. In her performances she sends out powerful  messages about women’s and black’s rights and culture.

This documentary is definitely a movie for you if you are a Beyonce fan. By the end of this movie you will have her songs on repeat.