Opinion: Teaching vs. doing

A lot of times, students take their teachers for granted. When are younger, we look up to our teachers and coaches because they are a big part of who we become. We spend most of our childhood going to school and the other part of it with coaches and extracurricular teachers and mentors.

Many people think teaching is something you do after fully maximizing a personal career beforehand. But in reality teaching is a skill set and a mindset in itself. The difference is personal investment versus investment in others, both equally successful but definitely not the same thing.

I don’t believe solely learning a craft itself means you are qualified to teach it. Due to the importance we have as teachers on the well-being and happiness of these kids, I feel we need to be one of the most qualified out of all professions. Our knowledge leads to their success.

The skills it takes to be a good teacher are far more than people expect, meaning the impact a teacher has on a child, to be an influencer that a child remembers and looks up to and not doing the bare minimum for your students.

These exclusive skills consist of immense patience, a consistent positive attitude and a genuine care for their well-being. Which is a skill set that not many have but a skill set necessary for children’s minds to develop as creatively and positively as they can.

A child’s mind is untouched and undeveloped and the way it develops depends on the influence of teachers. So teachers must use everything in their power to expand the little minds they influence into good ones. After all, they are the next generation of our being.