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Reactions: Bears field goal miss

Reactions: Bears field goal miss

By Bre Schill, Opinon staff

January 15, 2019

On Sunday, January 6, the Chicago Bears took a tough loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, 15-16. The game came down to a field goal in the final seconds taken by Bears' kicker Cody Parkey. Parkey's kick was tipped and hit off of one of the field goal uprights.

Reactions: Donald Trump on Trophy Game in Zimbabwe

Donald Trump, finishing signing an executive order to give back the Predator Control Laws to Alaska. This executive order was overlooked when he announced that hunters would be allowed to kill elephants in Zimbabwe and bring them back as trophies.

By Nic Bradley, Round Table reporter

November 30, 2017

Donald Trump has recently made a decision to enable hunters to bring back Elephant's as trophies from Zimbabwe. Two days after that announcement he put the decision on hold due to lash backs from the announcement. Trump also has allowed Bears and Wolves to be hunted while they are hibernating.

Field Hockey: Knights show guts and heart in penalty stroke loss against Bears

By Ben Spector, Sports Editor

October 4, 2013

The game between the Middletown High School Knights Varsity Field Hockey team and the Oakdale High School Bears could have been summed up in one image from the game. During the first overtime period Middletown senior defender Abbey Provost had to come out of the game because she was feeling ill, then...

Field Hockey: Knights look to pull together against Oakdale

By Ben Spector, Sports Editor

October 4, 2013

Sports in general are full of moments. Hundreds of tiny moments that can define a game and even a season. Even though the Middletown High School Varsity Field Hockey team has had plenty of moments this season, the one that could really make a difference came sometime after a 5-1 loss to the Urbana...

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