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Middletown and Myersville farmers markets provide fresh produce and charm to local communities

Middletown and Myersville farmers markets provide fresh produce and charm to local communities

By Rebecca Carroll, Round Table entertainment staff

October 16, 2018

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Local farmers markets in Middletown and Myersville provide fresh produce and give citizens the opportunity to support community businesses. These markets provide a refreshing change from packaged, processed goods that are commonly found in commercial stores. Many of the vendors at the markets are...

A new library to be built in Myersville

A new library to be built in Myersville

By Harley Halsey, Round Table reporter

June 7, 2017

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Myersville occupants have been eminently recommending a library for decades, and it’s said to be executed by 2019. Mayor Wayne Creadick has been pushing for the library ever since he was elected in 2001 but there were insufficient funds at the time. After 16 years the Capital Improvements Program...

Myersville roads get new look

By Emily Scoggins, Round Table Opinion Editor

October 27, 2014

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Emily Scoggins addresses the state of road construction in Myersville.

MHS Vocal Ensemble performs holiday classics for younger students

December 15, 2011

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The Middletown High School Vocal Ensemble sang holiday-themed songs to students from Middletown, Wolfsville, and Myersville Elementary Schools on Dec. 14.  The lights in the auditorium flickered on and off,  but the Ensemble sang on without pause despite the technical difficulties. At the end of...

Trolley festival brings crowd to Myersville

October 18, 2010

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Middletown High School staff members Linda and Robert Norris visited the Myersville Trolley Festival on Oct. 17.  The festival was held Oct. 17-18 off Canada Hill Road in Myersville and drew families from throughout Frederick County and beyond. - Photo by Ally Caho.

Myersville curfew stirs up mixed feelings

By Kyle Frazier

January 23, 2009

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On Dec. 9, a curfew was enacted in Myersville in order to prevent juvenile delinquents from committing vandalism and other criminal offenses. This curfew was suggested to Deputy Jim Harris by the Myersville council. He agreed, despite rumors of Deputy Harris being the one to suggest the curfew. ...

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