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Opinion: Social media users play a risky game when discussing politics

Opinion: Social media users play a risky game when discussing politics

By Leah Heon, RT Magazine Executive Producer

October 25, 2019

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be renowned communication tools for friends and family members, but they are not a platform to discuss politics. As the political climate has become tumultuous as ever, people have taken to social media to voice their opinions and eng...

Bullying incident in Urbana was caught on social media and sparks controversy

Bullying incident in Urbana was caught on social media and sparks controversy

By Cailyn Zanylo, Round table Reporter

April 15, 2019

A group of FCPS middle school students, harassed and beat a fellow student on the way home from school. During this incident the group of students decided to film a video of them retaliating against their classmate and posted it on to social media. The victim, a young student from Urbana Middle School,...

Social media threat puts schools across the country on high alert

By Kiley Hill, Social media managing editor

January 12, 2018

A social media post threatening a school shooting at a MHS put schools and law enforcement departments on high alert. The MHS mentioned in the post was meant for Monticello High School, a school in Virginia. However, the post reached Middletown High School, Maryland.

Vine shuts down and leaves Hype in its wake

Promotional image used for Hype, a new livestreaming site from the creators of Vine.

By Madison Blumenaur, Round Table website editor-in-chief

November 21, 2016

Last week, Twitter announced that it was shutting down the short video sharing app, Vine. The app, having trouble monetizing, has become less important in the aspect of social media. After the news, the original creators of Vine, who sold the app to Twitter, have announced their next initiative, a livestreaming...

Live streaming is the next big thing of social media

Live streaming is the next big thing of social media

By Owen Migdal, Round Table social media editor-in-chief

October 27, 2016

With the expansion of social media throughout the decade, innovation has brought the world into new territory. Applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have helped further the ‘Golden Age’ of live stream and social media that we live in. Apps like Meerkat owe their success not...

Students learn how to be careful with what they post on social media

By Jake Evans, Round Table Reporter

May 15, 2015

Jake Evans gives us a look at what not to expect on social media, and to be careful when posting and sharing things on the internet.

FCPS: All blocked up

MHS senior Julia Kingsbury attempts to access YouTube, however FCPS has an overreaching block on it. Student’s often have to watch videos , that are beneficial to the curriculum, at home which is a waste of time in school and out of school .

By Molly Spillman, Round Table photo editor

March 17, 2015

Internet blocks on the computers at school and the new Frederick County Public Schools-supplied Chromebooks may simply be a nuisance in the lives of teachers and students, but there is surely more than meets the eye on this ever-changing debate. Kathleen Schlappal, the current principal at Tuscarora...

Confessions pages lead to controversy

By Laura Myers, Round Table Weather Broadcast Producer

October 10, 2014

Facebook. Twitter. Social media is plastered all over every teenager’s phone. Aside from providing entertainment, these apps are not as harmless as they seem. From being able to post a status anonymously or under a defined username, anyone can submit what he or she wants. When...

Social media possibly hazardous for relationships

By Allie Hough, Round Table Reporter

June 9, 2014

Students share their beliefs on whether social media is a danger to relationships or not.

Dating has gone digital in recent years

By Sam Yeager and Laura Myers, Round Table Reporters

May 29, 2014

He walked up to her. She smiled. He smiled. He took her hand. He asked. She said yes. They’re trying something different. They’re going on a date. In recent years, dating someone just for the fun of it seems not to be as standard. It appears that a girl and boy need to be official to go out...

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