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Diversions: Stranger Things

Diversions: Stranger Things
January 18, 2021

"Stranger Things", first aired in 2016, is a science fiction television series with three seasons. The show is very popular, and for very good reason; the characters are very likeable and relatable and...

Quiz: How much do you know about ‘Stranger Things’?

December 19, 2017

Reactions: ‘Stranger Things’ second season

Official logo for Netflix original series
November 28, 2017

Season 2 of the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things” is returning to television screens on Friday, Oct. 27. Several students at MHS were excited that the famous TV show was making its return. “I...

‘Stranger Things’ not a normal TV thing

'Stranger Things' not a normal TV thing
September 29, 2016

Disappearing children, alien invasions and shady government experiments - what isn't there to love about "Stranger Things"? For those who have not heard of this show (or have been living under a rock...

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