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Reactions: J.Lo, Shakira to perform at halftime of Super Bowl

By Juliana Foster, RT Wrap lifestyle news segment producer

October 21, 2019

The Super Bowl is an event watch all throughout America and beyond, as is it's famous halftime show. This year's performers, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, recently announced their showstopping duo on Twitter. Middletown High School students react to this announcement.  

Reactions: Superbowl LIII

Reactions: Superbowl LIII

By Jayden Bidle and Audrey Fisher

February 14, 2019

Last Sunday, February third, the nation gathered to watch the fifty third annual super bowl. The patriots and the rams were this year's competing teams. The patriots beat the rams with a score of thirteen to three. Middletown high school students react to this outcome. ...

Students discuss whether Beyonce or Coldplay’s half time show will be better

Maggie WIlliamson, shown in the video.

By Evan Moreland, Round Table broadcast news executive producer

February 10, 2016

Students discuss whether Beyonce or Coldplay's half time show will be better

Students discuss favorite snacks during Super Bowl

By Heidi Cipolla, Round Table Reporter

February 10, 2014

Students think back on what their favorite snacks were while watching the Super Bowl.

Commercials during Super Bowl are favorite part for some

By Karlye Pick, Round Table Reporter

February 10, 2014

Middletown High School students reminisce about their favorite commercials from the Super Bowl.

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