One Direction croons its audience with Midnight Memories

On Nov. 18, One Direction’s latest album, Midnight Memories, was leaked. Ironically, it surfaced the internet at about midnight.

The news spread quickly, as fans were excited to hear the album a week early. Last year, the band’s previous album, Take Me Home, was also leaked early, but the excitement and success for this leak overshadowed Take Me Home.

Singles from the album such as “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life” were released as music videos in anticipation for the album release. Pairing the singles with the rest of the songs, the album as a whole showcases the band’s ever-present positive attitude and personality that has not changed since its days on the X-Factor U.K.

Midnight Memories has taken a different direction from the band’s past albums. The songs divert from typical boy band pop music, and lean towards a rockier edge along reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons vibes.  Songs such as “Alive” and “Little Black Dress,”  lean toward an upbeat and dance-able tune. But One Direction pushes the limits, adding unexpected, mature themes to their songs. Tracks like “Diana” and “Through the Dark” revolve around sensitive topics such as depression. With these meaningful, new songs, One Direction strives to reach an even broader audience.

Even before the album’s official release, the leaked Midnight Memories reached the top of the charts on ITunes. As of Nov. 25, when the album was finally released, Midnight Memories reached #1 in 90 countries. The news marks what might be a glimmer of a platinum album for One Direction.