American Idol says goodbye to another contestant

By Liz Huff
Round Table reporter

The finale is only 3 weeks away which means we are left with the top five in American Idol: Scotty McCreery, James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk. Sheryl Crow was the guest star for insight on their song choices along with the ever-so popular, Jimmy Iovine.

The theme of this week was songs from “now and then.” The contestants picked a popular song from the present, and one that’s from the ‘60s. This week allowed each contestant to have two chances to blow away the crowd with tears and smiles.

James Durbin was first, singing “Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars as his song from “now.” The performance wasn’t one of his best, but he still won the crowd.

He for his “later” song, he sang “Without Youby Motley Crue. There were tears in his eyes as he sang and the raw emotion reverberated around the stage as his voice did. Randy Jackson agreed once again that “James was in it to win it”.

For Jacob Lusk’s “now” song, he sang “No Air,” a duet by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks, in which he sang both parts. Randy did not agree with the song choice because it was the “wrong choice for a gospel singer”. 

His oldies’ song was “Love Hurts” by Nazereth. Jacob got lost in the middle of the song, Steven Tyler pointed out, “but everyone was lost in you when it happened.” Jackson said Jacob redeemed himself.

Lauren Alaina’s first song was “Flat on the Floor by Carrie Underwood. Jennifer Lopez said she “ate the song up”. Tyler said she “is it”, assuming he meant “the Idol they were looking for.”

Lauren’s second song was “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers which she claims to be her parents’ song. (Although I recall from her auditions that Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, was her parents’ song?) Lopez said “there is nothing to judge, it was beautiful.”

Scotty “the Body” McCreery took the stage to sing Montgomery Gentry’s “Gone. Steven was convinced Scotty was “dancing with the devil”. His energetic, lively performance had many audience members on their feet. He definitely lit the eyes of many teenage girls back home, as he does every time. 

The “Body’s” second round song was “Always on My Mind, an Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson hit. As usual, Scotty entertained the audience with his soft song.

Haley Reinhart was the last to sing an unreleased song by Lady Gaga, “You and I.” The judges were questionable as to why Jimmy Iovine suggested that for her because American Idol was for an audience to hear ways many popular songs can be performed even better. Since no one knew what the real song was supposed to sound like, it was confusing for the audience to get into it.

So she then closed the show with “House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. She got the standing ovation she deserved and Randy said it was the best performance of the night.

On May 5, we said “good-bye” to the gospel king, Jacob Lusk.

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