Man forces employees to change names

By Jordan Sunkel

In the news:

Anglicizing his Hispanic employees’ names, Larry Whitten is being pursued by racism charges when he tried to resurrect a failing hotel in Taos, New Mexico according to a report by 

Not only did he force them to pronounce their names differently, without the accents, but he forbade them from speaking Spanish in his presence, for fear that they were speaking about him.

 Whitten’s employees tried to work with him, adjusting to his rules, but he fired some, sparking interest by the New Mexico chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

 This national civil rights group sent Whitten a letter, concerning the treatment of his employees. He responded saying that LULAC referred to him as a racial slur, which they denied.

What people are saying

“I’m appalled to be honest. They shouldn’t be forced to change. If he can’t respect their culture then he should move on.” -Christine Evans, Middletown High School junior.