Students’ views on relationships vary

By Chrissy Payne
Round Table editor

Good things come to those who wait, or how about, your first love is always your true love. Being a teenager in high school these clichés can sometimes be true, and other times not. High school is overwhelming, and throw relationships in the mix and things can get really messy. At times it may feel as though any numbers of your friends are “talking” to someone. Or you could be in a serious relationship or even a casual one, or you could be single and truly happy, there are benefits to every type of situation and you can truly make the best where ever you are in your relationship life.

 So your best friend gets a boyfriend, and she starts spending all her time with him. You may hate it at first and you may miss your best friend, but this opportunity will help you reach out to other friends and may even help you make more friends. If you and your friend are open to it, you may be able to hang out with her boyfriend and his friends, making it easier to get to know people that you wouldn’t have met in the first place

 “My best friend and also my sister Jacky got a boyfriend and we always hang out together with his friends making it easier for me to meet new people, plus I get to know his guy friends,” said junior Rachel Kessler.

 While you think that everyone around you is spending all their time with their significant other, you, being single, can be out with friends having a good time with no strings attached.

 “I love not having a boyfriend, and I can have all the fun I want, with a bunch of different people, I never have to worry about a boyfriend getting mad at me,” said junior Kelly McLister.

 The fact that not having any strings attached makes life easier and more flexible. It may not be stress free, but the baggage that comes along with having a boyfriend goes away.

 Many high school students find that it’s easier to be single in high school, as senior Kristin Wilson said, “I’m tired of boys and all the drama they bring in my life. I’m a senior and almost done with high school, its time to have fun and be single.”

 On the other hand some high school students see the opposing side. Many high school students try out the relationship thing. Some try casual dating, and some even take it to the level of being in a serious relationship.

 Take senior Justin Boyer and junior Brittain Altomare they have been together for a year and three months and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

 “I never thought I would want to be in a serious relationship in high school, but I am and love it,” said Altomare.

 With varying opinions some even try casual dating. They are together but they have their boundaries.

 Juniors Chris Pirrone and Tara Staley would classify their relationship as casual.

 “We don’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, we have a relationship without the actually saying that we’re dating, and it’s just easier to deal with,” said Staley.

 People who try this out find it to be easy going and not too serious. As Chris says “it’s less stressful and more fun and it feels better than being on lock down all the time, but it’s also good to know that I always have someone to go to.”

 No matter what your relationship status is, have fun, its high school and it only happens once.

 And in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Each of us our given a pocket full of time to spend however we may, we may use what we will and waste what we will, but we can never get back a day.”