Sun brings out shorts, skirts, spaghetti straps

 Brittany Titus
Round Table reporter

Middletown High School will be enforcing the school dress code more specifically with the coming warm weather.

When entering the school, students must remove all hats, bandanas and other head coverings until the school day is over.

Students are prohibited from wearing revealing or drug-advertising clothing.

 “FCPS policy outlines the minimal acceptable ­standard for student dress. For example, it restricts ­students from wearing overly revealing clothing and apparel items that are offensive or derogatory and disruptive to the educational environment,” according to

 “It’s really important for teachers and staff to follow the dress code guidelines when working with students,” said MHS Assistant Principal Donna Clabaugh. “This helps ensure that all students are held to the same standard and promote fairness.”

If a student were to break the dress code, they would be asked to remain in the front office until appropriate clothing is made available.

If an offensive t-shirt is worn, the student is asked to turn the shirt inside out.

With closer observation to the dress code policy, students who refuse to obey will be punished more severely, and proper disciplinary actions will be exercised.

According to the school planner, “Students are expected to be clean and dressed in a manner that adheres to community standards, appropriate for school, and is not disruptive to the educational program.”

Students at MHS have mixed feelings on the dress code. Some may think it is okay to have students wear short skirts, shorts, dresses or muscle shirts, while others may support the code.

“It’s inappropriate for kids to break the dress code, it’s there for a reason,” said MHS freshman Jason Spiegel.

“Spaghetti straps should be allowed, but everything else shouldn’t be,” said MHS junior Angie Kendle.

MHS junior David Glaze said, “I don’t see why it’s inappropriate, the dress code doesn’t matter, and a lot of students don’t go by it anyway.”

If a teacher were to see students wearing inappropriate clothing, the student will be reported to the office.