A red-shouldered nesting hawk makes its home in Middletown

A red-shouldered nesting hawk makes its home in Middletown

By Garrett Baker, Round Table reporter

A winged intruder has entered the wooded area between Middletown High School and Middletown Middle School. Last year a red-shouldered nesting hawk snuck in the area and has become hostile protecting its young.

“We can’t do anything to the hawk because it is endangered,” said MHS lead custodian Craig Muschik. The custodial staff is required to allow the bird to lay its eggs and stay because of its endangered status.

Since the hawks original arrival, both MHS and MMS teachers have urged students to keep away from the area for obvious safety reasons.

Parents and staff began to worry when MHS freshman Brooke Donald was hit by the hawk while traveling to Middletown Park. Donald said that she was headed to the marble rings and, while taking a shortcut through the trees, she looked up at the hawk.

She said,” I looked up and it stared at me from the tree.”

Next, the hawk swooped down grazing her head and leaving a scratch right on the top. Donald immediately took off to MMS to alert a staff member.

Muschik said that while they cannot force the hawk out they can, “try to take precautions to minimize effects.”

He added, “there are two eggs in the nest… they will hatch between April 21 and 30.”

This isn’t the hawks first time visiting MHS; in fact, it comes most years but stays in the more heavily wooded area where not many humans venture.
Once the hawk lays its eggs it will become more hostile. For students and staff to stay safe they must leave the wooded area that is blocked off with yellow caution tape alone and let the hawk live in peace.