Amy Poehler receives her first Emmy


By Samantha Johnson, Round Table reporter

After years of never winning an Emmy for her work yet being nominated 18 times, actress, writer and producer Amy Poehler finally won her first Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in A Comedy Series, sharing the award with Tina Fey.

Some Middletown High School students said they were pleased Poehler finally received an Emmy.

Gemma Carioti, MHS sophomore, said, “I think she really deserves the award because she’s funny and has a great personality. I think her hard work really paid off.”

Other students agreed with Carioti.

MHS junior Sydney Lamb said she thought it was “about time” that Poehler won an Emmy, adding that Poehler is one of the “most underrated female comedians.”

However, some students at MHS felt differently about Poehler’s Emmy and weren’t very happy that she won.

Dominic Ceresini, MHS sophomore, said he didn’t see how Poehler could be very good if she’d been nominated so many times and hadn’t won at all until now.