Art exhibition held by Main Street


Photo by Lehman Donna

MHS students and winners of the art exhibition Rick Jenkins, Madelyn Baltrotsky, and Selma Depaz are holding their portraits.

By Nathan Powell, Round Table reporter

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair as well as National Art Honor Society Advisor, Donna Lehman, worked with Main Street Middletown to have an MHS Art Exhibition displayed in the windows of local businesses. 

Friends and family were invited to vote for their favorite artist by scanning a QR code provided in a flyer with the list of participants. 

The winners were revealed at 1:00 pm on June 8th in front of Middletown High School. First place winner was Rick Jenkins, second place was Madelyn Baltrotsky, and third place went to Selma Depaz. 

Jim Hoover, President of the Main Street Middletown Board of Trustees, and Main Street Manager Becky Axilbund, awarded the winners with a check as well as an award trophy. 

MHS student Rick Jenkins who came in first place, had his portrait showcased at the Middletown Town Hall. Other businesses such as Kelley Real Estate Professionals and The Main Cup also showcased some of the artist’s portraits.

Starting June 18th, the three winners’ portraits will be on display at the Wren’s Nest on Main Street.