Bertoni’s path has led him to this moment

By Miles Bradford, Round Table reporter

Middletown Senior Danny Bertoni won his fourth state title in the 1A/2A individual competition for the 138 lb. weight class. This achievement has only been captured by six people in the history of Maryland, and the effort required is enormous.

Wrestling for as long as he can remember, Bertoni has no doubt had a life that has led him to this moment. And probably more moments to come. He has been committed to the University of Maryland for wrestling, and will continue his athletic career throughout college. His family, coaches, teammates and opponents have all helped him to get to this point.

Bertoni wrestled for Middletown exclusively during his high school experience and was not only a captain but a leader on the team. He emphasizes wrestling with energy and intellect whenever he speaks about the sport, and heknows that it is important to analyze your opponent.

Listening to music helps Bertoni get pumped up before his matches, which he needs because of all the pressure. On the last interview he gave to MHSRT News, Bertoni said, “It was a lot of relief because it was a lot of pressure and once that finals all blew… everything just kind of went off my shoulders.” referencing his feelings after winning the individual states competition.

Bertoni was very close to the team and wanted his teammates to succeed, as he expected them to feel for each other the way he feels for them. Working hard doesn’t pay off unless you really want to succeed, and the support of others helps cover those bases. He thinks of the team as a family, and hopes everyone will keep up the sport he loves.

Bertoni’s dad was a big help in the development of his wrestling talent, something that took a lot of time. Bertoni’s parents came to his matches to support him, something that also helped him do well.

Bertoni was a captain on the MHS wrestling team, and helped lead them to two consecutive state titles, another historical achievement. He continues to be interviewed and featured in news stories around the county. He was recently interviewed on WHAG and will be interviewed on WFMD on April 2.