Photo gallery: Boys basketball season


Photo by Audrey Fisher

By Audrey Fisher, RT Reporter

James Pugh takes a jump shot in warm-ups as people file in to watch the upcoming game.
Freshman Reese Poffenbarger takes a three-point shot with a defender directly in front of him.
Feeling the pressure, Jacob House keeps his dribble away from the defender.
Jacob House looks for an opening in the defense in a game against Frederick.
Driving past a defender is Reese Poffenbarger on a trip to the basket.
A jump-stop leaves Jacob House in the middle of the Frederick defense.
After analyzing the situation, Matt Pritts retreats back with the ball.
Dan Racz goes up with the layup after his defender goes for the charge.
Evan Joseph puts up a layup on the baseline.
Evan Joseph pulls up for a three-pointer with a Boonsboro defender on him.
Senior Jacob House goes for the jump shot after crashing into his defender.

Photos by Audrey Fisher