Brazil women fight sexual assault with sparkles


By Ashley Trevino, Round Table reporter

Recently in Brazil, the issue of sexual harassment and how to stop it has taken an interesting turn. Women are standing up to catcallers and rapists by wearing shirts with pink sparkles that are meant to spread onto everything that’s touched them. This way, people will be able to recognize people who are committing the unwanted act of touching the women, for the sparkles are extremely hard to get off of clothes.

Some high school students think that it’s an interesting concept.

Middletown High School junior Nathan Duke said, “It’s good [that] they’re standing up against sexual harassment.”

MHS sophomore Heather McCully went as far to say, “this is the only way harassment is going to be noticed.”

Dominic Portuesi, MHS junior, is supportive that they’re starting a movement so that “it doesn’t happen again.”

Hailey Zarefoss, MHS sophomore, said, “More guilty people would be caught.”

However, one student thought there should be more colors.

Ethan Satterlee, MHS junior, said, “Some people might say they never did anything.”