Climate change rallies heat up the streets of Frederick

Climate change rallies heat up the streets of Frederick

By Leah Heon, RT reporter

Recently, protesters gathered along Winchester Hall in Frederick to voice their opinions on climate change. Although there have been many heated rallies throughout the country, there was no opposition at this rally. 

Some felt as if public protest was the only means of making their voice heard.

Local activist Marla Taylor said, “All other issues kind of come behind this one. If we don’t have a planet to take care of and that will take care of us, everything else is kind of a moot point.”

“I can’t imagine anything that needs more immediate action and representation by the people,” said protester Parker Whitely. 

Rally attendees voiced their opinions on environmentally conscious transportation.

“Stop, to the extent that you can, using fossil fuels for transportation… it’s simple to do,” added Whitely, “It’s painless to do these things.”

Protestor Mike Koob said he would “prefer a local protest” since he can reduce his carbon footprint and “local is better.”

Climate change has become a heated debate among both sides of the political spectrum in recent years, each side feeling strongly about whether or not the topic should be addressed. 

Whitely added, “This is not a liberal issue, this is a global issue and those of us who recognize that are not going away and we’re not going to stop.”

“You are absolutely entitled to your beliefs,” said Taylor, “but you are not entitled to deny facts.”