Coach Colsh thanks MHS community


Photo by Isaac Hoehn

The Middletown boys varsity soccer team lines up for a quick group picture after their state championship win against La Plata.

By Jeff Colsh, MHS boys varsity soccer head coach

Thank you, Middletown.

After our state semifinal victory, I walked outside my front door the next morning only to find my way blocked by a dozen pumpkins.

Before we could return home after the state championship, I had to wait because dozens of students were joining the team in an impromptu “Thor’s Hammer” celebration.

These memories, and a thousand others, will make me smile for the rest of the life. Most of all, I will always cherish the joy we all shared during a magical November.

To the students—way to bring it! Your positive support at home during our regional final against Century kept us believing. In a tight match against Fallston, every cheer pushed us on even into the force of a strong wind. And at the final, you were there to meet us as we walked out onto the field for warm-ups and you cheered us on all the way back to MHS later that night. Now, I challenge you to pull together like that to cheer on not only our winter and spring sports but also all of our other MHS programs—what an incredible impact you all can have!

To the staff—there was so much support that I couldn’t begin to thank you all individually. From Coach Lynott’s pre-game advice to Coach Leber’s constant support to the administration’s long hours, it is an honor to be a part of the MHS staff!

To the whole community—thank you for joining us and motivating us. Regardless of the results, the greatest part of the experience was sharing it with you—our classmates, neighbors, and friends. To know that we brought so many people a reason to cheer and to be excited is, simply, an awesome feeling.

For that feeling of togetherness, much more than any win, I am, as always, proud to be a Knight.

Thank you again on behalf of MHS Boys Soccer,

Coach Colsh