Crompton forced to adapt to changes throughout high school career


Photo by Annie Noffsinger

Knights senior Ryan Crompton (#54) snapping the ball during warm-ups

By Dylan O'Toole, Round Table Sports Editor

It’s always tough for a student to transfer schools, but Middletown High School senior Ryan Crompton was welcome to the idea- in fact he was happy about it.

After his sophomore season Crompton switched from Frederick to Middletown, in part to move his high school sports career in the right direction.

“People care a lot more about all sports here at Middletown,” said Crompton. “The whole mindset is completely different.”

Crompton’s first season at Middletown was a successful one, as the Knights football team took home its second straight title, this time with Crompton playing Center.

He then prepared for lacrosse season, but he was forced to endure a change that many thought he wouldn’t be able to handle.

Crompton had in illustrious career at goalie in his first two seasons with the Cadets.

With a lackluster defense in front of him, Crompton gave up only 111 goals in his sophomore season.

Unfortunately for Crompton, Max Edelmann was already in place as the Knights goalie. Edelmann won Frederick News-Post Defensive Player of the year in the 2013 season.

With Edelmann chalked in as goalie the Knights were forced to move Crompton to attack, a position he hadn’t played since youth league.

Again Crompton adjusted to something new, but he took all the change in stride.

“[Goalie and attack] are two completely different positions, you have to learn the strategies and techniques over again,” said Crompton. “I had to get my stick skills back to where they were when I played in youth league.

“It was hard, but I was able to do it and have fun.”

Crompton went on to become one of the team’s most lethal weapons on offense. He was one of the key parts to the Knights 10-5 finish.

The Knights earned a one seed and made a run all the way to the 2A West finals, but they fell, 10-7, to Century.

Lacrosse season was over, but Crompton received an offer from Division III, Lenoir-Rhyne, and he verbally committed.

Crompton’s junior season showed Lenoir-Rhyne the versatility he possessed. He could dominate the game from the goal, and attacking.

At the start of his senior season, Crompton looked to be an integral part of the Knights football team’s state championship squad once again.

He hid in the background his first season with the Knights, but this was his senior season and he was ready to take on more of a leadership role.

Crompton became known for his ability to fire up his team at halftime when things weren’t going according to plan.

The offensive lineman gave his team a passionate speech at halftime of the Knights 2A West Semifinal victory over Kent Island.

The Knights had plowed over almost every team they played, and the Middletown fans were expecting no less against Kent Island. The Knights struggled offensively in the first half, and lead only, 10-0, at halftime.

After Crompton’s speech the Knights scored 21 straight points and cruised to a, 31-7, victory.

His senior season, Crompton was the leader on a team that won the state title, his second straight.

As Crompton headed into his senior season of lacrosse he was informed by Coach Hawkins that he would need to switch back to goalie.

It was a difficult thing to ask of Crompton, who had just switched to attack from goalie the year before, but he knew it would help the team, so he switched back.

“It will be hard just seeing the ball, and seeing the shots,” said Crompton. “I was at a whole different perspective last year at the attack position.”

Crompton will play attack at some points during the season in order to give the Knights an extra punch offensively, but goalie will be his primary position.

“We want to be competitive in every single game,” said Crompton.

Heading into the season with many unanswered questions there will be one constant presence for the Boys Lacrosse team: Ryan Crompton.