DiCaprio finally won an Oscar


Graphic for DiCaprio winning

As of Feb. 28, a meme is dead.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally brought home an Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards for his leading role in 2016’s “The Revenant.” Despite DiCaprio’s exemplary portrayal of the legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass and his complete dedication to the role, many were happily surprised as DiCaprio finally brought home an Oscar.

This surprise is due in large part to the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio had gone more than two decades since his first Oscar nod in 1993 without receiving a single Oscar despite numerous nominations. Yet, it is not just the length of time it has taken for DiCaprio to win an Oscar but that he did not receive anything for a small handful of films which are easily regarded as exemplary motion pictures.

The most notable films in which DiCaprio has starred in but was denied an Oscar are “Titanic” (1997), “Inception” (2010), “The Aviator” (2004) and “The Wolf of Wall street (2013), all of in which Leonardo DiCaprio did an outstanding job in his roles.

Time and again, DiCaprio would star in great films, winning nearly every other award but never winning the Oscar many felt he deserved. He would be nominated for his roles, but every single time he was nominated, he never received an anything, although he did sometimes get the runner-up for the award. It was nearly universally agreed by most people that the fact that DiCaprio not having won an Oscar was completely ridiculous.

This all changed at this year’s Academy Awards where DiCaprio finally got the Oscar he has deserved for years and in doing so brought an end to the Internet joke that DiCaprio could never win an Oscar.

A meme is dead.