DNCE stand out with debut, self-titled album


Photo by www.rollingstone.com/

DNCE for Rolling Stone Magazine.

By Madison Blumenaur, Round Table website editor-in-chief

Ever since their summer hit, “Cake by the Ocean”, DNCE has become quite popular in the music industry. Their chill Californian vibe mixed with a little retro twist has helped them stand out among other current artists.

DNCE’s debut self-titled album has made waves in the industry. Peaking at number seventeen on the Billboard 200, it has quickly become a fan favorite. The album includes fourteen tracks with three from their debut EP, “Swaay”. After listening through the entire album, a few of the songs stood out.

“Toothbrush”, which is about leaving belongings at your lover’s apartment has a catchy hook and beat. It includes lyrics that are heartfelt and are relatable to couples.

“Pay My Rent” features a ‘70s retro style that makes it hard not to get up and dance. The lyrics are short and sweet which makes it easy to sing along to. The song’s vibe is so upbeat that it can’t help but put the listener in a good mood.

Although the album’s words involve a lot of sexual indications, it is well-written. The lyrics were thought out and involve catchy hooks to help the song stay stuck in your head for days.  It is clear that the band which was started by Joe Jonas is a way for Jonas to separate himself from his original Disney days and start fresh. With this in mind, Jonas exceeds this goal. The music’s hidden meanings are far from what listeners are used to from Jonas. As Jonas’ fans are growing up, the music is evolving with them.

Overall, I was very pleased with the album. After their single “Cake by the Ocean” debuted, I was excited for the upcoming album. DNCE’s style is fresh and is a nice new take on pop music with it having that Californian feel. It is a nice surprise, and this helps it stand out against all of the other pop music that is being released.