Five block day introduced to MHS


By Hannah Miller, Roind Table photo editor

Recently the decision has been made to have a five block schedule next year, including a time for “Knights Quest.” Students may use this time as a study hall; it will be a time to work on homework, to complete unfinished work and go to tutoring if needed. Students will also have this time to participate in different extracurricular related activities.

The five block day was investigated by all of the high schools, the investigation started with Oakdale. Recently our school as well as Linganore have decided to implement this schedule for next year. Urbana is the only school that is not currently using this system/planning to use it for next year.

Assistant Principle, Chris Bittner explained that “The purpose of this extra time will be more than a study hall session; it will be an opportunity to complete assignments during the school day and to extend the opportunity for guest speakers and club activities.”

Mr. Bittner also said that there was a teacher naming committee who had decided to incorporate quest into the name. Then last Thursday and Friday the students voted and chose the name “Knight’s Quest.”

With this new decision there were many strong opinions on whether or not the five block day would benefit students; however, all opinions were taken into account when making the final decision.

MHS freshman James Bongard, said “I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I have only been in the four block day in high school.”

Bittner explained that students are incredibly busy with extracurricular activities; such as sports, clubs, drama, band, or their job. He understands that students do not have that much time outside of school to work on assignments.

Therefore when they are provided with this time it will offer an extension to learning outside the classroom. Mr. Bittner also explained that it will offer diverse opportunities to grow as a community and a school. Students will also be able to meet with teachers that they do not normally meet with.

Bongard then said “If a five block day means more time to enrich student’s education it might be more beneficial.” When asked what he would personally use the time for he said, “I would personally use time for homework or working on projects.”

MHS sophomore Liam O’Byrne said that “It does not really matter to me, but I do not think it will be the smartest move because it will be easily exploited by the students.”

On the other hand MHS junior Tyler Harrison said “I believe that the five block day will give students an opportunity to complete work and stay ahead of their classes throughout the year and ultimately aid their success in high school.”

In conclusion the five block day will offer students many positive aspects; however the only way to determine if the positive aspects outweigh the negative would be to examine and observe student behavior next year to see if students use this time effectively.