Fracking may be making its way to Frederick County

Fracking may be making its way to Frederick County

By Madison Blumenauer, Round Table reporter

Hydraulic fracking, aka fracking, is a dangerous form of gas drilling that has affected many cities across the country. Although it is believed that it will only occur in Garrett County, there are five total gas basins across the state of Maryland, with two of those in Frederick County.

Each of those basins has a possibility of becoming a fracking site.

Although the moratorium doesn’t end until the fall of 2017, it is still a serious issue concerning the residents of Maryland.

It has been shown that the health of the people living near fracking sites is seriously been affected. The reports have shown that people have been diagnosed with conditions ranging anywhere from asthma to cancer.

The problems are so severe that it has gotten to the point in some locations that the residents have to buy gallons of water each week so that they have clean drinking water because their water has become so contaminated.

It has even been recorded in some instances that people can light their water on fire because of all of the chemicals that have been put into the water.

If Maryland allows fracking to happen, the state is taking a chance that could seriously harm many of its residents’ lives.

What’s even worse is that the gas companies aren’t taking responsibility for their actions.

Many people that have already been affected have contacted the gas companies for what has happened. The gas companies insist that the water is fine, yet when asked to drink the water themselves, they refuse.

I personally believe that fracking is horrible and should be stopped. Maryland, and especially Frederick County, should not allow fracking in order to keep residents safe. Fracking is a serious issue that has major drawbacks.

Although there are positives to fracking, I believe that the negatives outweigh the positives.

It doesn’t make sense to allow fracking just to get oil, when it not only harms your water to the point where it’s no longer clean and you have to buy water, but it’s also dangerous for the environment.

We, as the people, should be doing everything we can to help the environment, not harm it by putting dangerous chemicals into the air.

Overall, I think we should vote against fracking in Frederick County in order to not only keep us, but also the environment, safer.