‘Fuller House’ season two brings many surprises

By Hannah Miller, Round Table marketing manager

The second season of “Fuller House” begins with a long-awaited realization involving DJ Fuller’s love life. She realizes that Matt and Steve have decided to move on from her.

She then decides to be happy for Matt and Steve. Meanwhile, Kimmy’s lover, Fernando, decides to join the Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler home.

As a way to bring the family together and to celebrate the summer with the teenagers now home, DJ plans a barbecue. An unexpected twist emerges at the party when Stephanie makes the mistake of falling for a Gibbler, Jimmy (Kimmy’s brother).

This is a romance that inevitably lasts for the entire duration of the season.

After several episodes, Matt realizes that him and his girlfriend, Carol, are not fit to be together. DJ takes advantage of the opportunity to go for her man.  At the same time, Steve makes the decision to give up his teenage dream of being with DJ and ended up with a clone of DJ named CJ.

CJ becomes an important aspect of the show and brings an unexpected romance between the second generation. Throughout the season, there are many adventures and many special guests from the original “Full House”.

The nostalgia aspect is fairly limited throughout the beginning of the season, but viewers can expect a unique ending with pleasant surprises if they are on the correct team for DJ. For example, the cast list expands and the season brings a more in-depth look into their childhood. “Full House” was obviously the original with a unique plot, but “Fuller House” is more of a review of their childhood and a way to address the reasons they acted a certain way.

They do an excellent job of contributing to their family and the unique situation they grew up in. Viewers do not typically analyze the different family dynamic of this show, but by being raised by their father, Joey and Jesse, it gave the characters a different perspective.

Now, it is incredibly difficult to find a wholesome family show with a pleasant dynamic. However, ”Full House” and “Fuller House” bring this to the table. It is a perfect combination of the show in its entirety, and it answers the questions viewers asked about “Full House”.

This series is appropriate for a family atmosphere and includes elements that appeal to older as well as younger viewers. A recommendation for this season to the viewers would be to hang on throughout the season, because there are many more surprises to come by the end of the season.