Gaga’s “super” Super Bowl performance


By Katie Athey, Round table reporter

The big story of Super Bowl LI may have been The Patriots impressive comeback, but Lady Gaga also made headlines with her show stopping halftime performance.

Middletown High School students had many opinions on the show. Sophomore Damien Lawrence said, “She was the best of all the half time shows,” beating out previous performers such as Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and even Beyonce.

Other students were not as willing to give Gaga the crown of best Super Bowl performer.

Eleventh grader Michael Harris thought Gaga’s show was nothing more than a copy of an iconic SpongeBob performance.  “She looked like a flying squirrel when she came out of the top,” senior Sarah Hall said. Hall continued to share her disapproval for the show and said it was boring.

Although there were mixed reactions on Gaga; junior Brennan Straits pointed out the impressive drones involved in the lighting production. “The three hundred drones they had flying behind Lady Gaga, that was pretty neat.”

Whether or not everyone shared the same amount of enthusiasm for this year’s half time show, Lady Gaga was able to prove once again she is one of a kind, and will stop at nothing to put on an entertaining performance.