Hinckley, Reagan’s shooter, is released

By Brooke Donald, Round Table reporter

After more than 30 years in a psychiatric ward, John Hinckley Jr., the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981, has been released with “full-time convalescent leave” after being “cured” of his mental disease that compelled him to act.

Some students from Middletown High School said this decision wasn’t the most ideal. Shaina Barnett, MHS junior, said that since Hinckley tried to kill a president, it isn’t safe to let him back into the world.

Many students were more comfortable with the idea of Hinkley being allowed out.

MHS sophomore Heather McCulley said Hinkley should be released, but he should also be required to “go back to treatment classes” regularly.

Other students were more torn on the issue, and not quite sure where to stand.

Sydney Lamb, MHS junior, said, “How can you really tell he’s cured until he’s been out in the real world?”