Ke$ha rape lawsuit sprouts student opinions

Ke$ha rape lawsuit sprouts student opinions

By Lizzy Hershberger, Round Table reporter

Ke$ha’s music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, accused of drugging and raping the pop star, filed his second defamation lawsuit against the singer’s mother.

Many Middletown High School students said that they believed Dr. Luke raped pop star Ke$ha and that the lawsuit is unnecessary.

MHS senior Losha Lautenberger said, “I think it’s crazy. It’s stupid because someone in the music industry wouldn’t lie about that, especially if it was someone they were close to in the business. [Dr. Luke] should man up and confess to what he did.”

Many other students agreed with Lautenberger. “It’s unnecessary,” said MHS sophomore Haley Zarefoss. “He needs to get a different job.”

On the other hand, some students said the situation was a private matter. Sydney Lamb, MHS junior, said that the issue should be kept private and that the end result should be up to the judge.