Marching their way into the happiest place on earth


Photo by Joe Penniston

Disney World invites kids of all ages to come and be inspired. One way that this is facilitated is by allowing student marching bands across the country to come and perform within their parks. Our very own marching band will be traversing to Orlando to take advantage of this opportunity.

By Bradley Bohanan, Round Table reporter

On “Tag Day,” a day of fundraising for the marching band, members went door to door asking for money for their trip to Disney World.

According to the marching band website, the trip to Disney is April 10th to the 14th of 2018 during which they will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of performing at Disney World.

“The fundraiser is for making money to pay for our Disney World trip next year. It also pays for other band fees and such.” MHS trumpet player Zack Bacorn said, “While at Disney we perform in a parade and then we get to ride the rides for four days.”

MHS bass player Quinn Ketteringham said, “The band goes to Disney every other year for a parade. We spend about a week in Florida.”

As expected, Disney is an expensive trip so a fundraiser like this is vastly important. Money raised on “Tag Day” goes to things like flight, hotel, and Disney fees.

While the Disney trip sounds like it may be all fun and games, the marching band works hard all year to prepare for the performance. Aside from the major Disney trip, band members train and perform at colleges, compete in band competitions and play for various sporting events.

Though demanding, marching band is not all work and no play.

Bacorn remarked, “I like marching band because it is a way for me to get to know people and going to the competitions is fun as well.”

To create one harmonious sound from the collective marching band, a multitude of instruments go into a production. Instruments such as drums, trumpet, flute, clarinet, tuba, and bass work together to create beautiful music.

“I play bass guitar,” Ketteringham continued, “I was encouraged to join this year because the band needed a bass.”

Soon, all their hard work will pay off as they spend a week in Disney to perform and play.