MHS senior addresses senior perks


By Natalie Berry, Round Table reporter

After spending the last few weeks up past midnight, hanging out with friends, Taylor is stuck inside for the night at ten o’clock. It’s the last day of summer and tomorrow’s the first day of school. Tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, Taylor decides to get up and pick out her outfit for tomorrow.

Repeatedly opening and closing each dresser drawer, looking at the clothes neatly folded inside them, Taylor pulls out a variety of items and starts laying them down.

She has her three favorite outfits in front of her. The first consists of tight black leggings with a maroon turtleneck tank-top, leather jacket, and knee-high lace up black leather boots. The second: white shorts with a floral short-sleeved shirt, thin white jacket, and lime green flip flops. Finally, the third: long navy blue maxi dress, denim blue jacket, and black flip flops.

Taylor, examining her options, lets out a long deep sigh. Thinking about how her last three years of high school went and how she missed out on many fun-filled opportunities, she decides to go with the dark and depressing outfit. She folds up the leggings, tank-top and leather jacket and puts them aside on her desk for the morning.

After putting away the other articles of clothing, a sense of tiredness dawned upon her. Taylor hopped back into bed, turned on her right side, pulled her knees up to her chest, and dozed off.

Come six o’clock, her alarm went off, instantly putting her in a horrid mood. Taylor got up and took a shower but right before she was about to put on her outfit it hit her: she was a senior. She would finally be able to participate in the things she’s been wanting to her whole high school career.

Dazed with excitement Taylor throws her dark and depressing outfit aside, rips her drawers open, and pulls out the white shorts and floral shirt. She runs downstairs, grabs a quick bite to eat, and walks out the door to catch up with her friends.

After their hellos and hugs, they walk into school to attend the senior meeting in the auditorium. Thirty-minutes pass and finally the good part: senior perks.

What senior perks are there at Middletown High School? According to Cynthia Anderson, member of MHS Senior Executive Board, “Seniors get out of school eighteen school days earlier than underclassmen, have the ability to sit outside for lunch, and participate in activities such as senior spirit week, senior pajama day and Halloween dress up day.”

When asked what the best part of being a senior is, the vast majority replied with “getting out earlier than everyone else.” “Seniors get out early because graduation is on June 1,” said

MHS senior Spencer Barron.

However, it’s safe to say everyone’s favorite part of their daily routine is lunch; “I love eating outside at one of the tables. There’s only four so you have to grab your seat fast!” said MHS senior Tori Faron.

Seniors occasionally have the ability to have a say in what activities they would like to have for themselves. Anderson said, “We have not yet decided on each day’s themes but seniors do have the ability to voice their opinions on what themes they would like as their spirit week days.”

MHS senior Katie Germain said that if any activity costs money (such as displaying a movie in the auditorium for seniors during lunch shifts on pajama day) the senior executive board has already thought ahead. “Throughout the school year the senior executive board arranges fundraisers at Chipotle, The Main Cup, and James Gang Pizzeria to have a source of income for the prom committee and other senior activities,” added Germain.

Anderson said, “Each year the board tries to think of more activities for seniors to complete, different from the previous years.”

“I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us,” said MHS senior Erin Scarborough.

Like the class of 2016 motto, “we’re kind of a B16 deal,” so are the perks pertaining to seniors at Middletown High.