MHS student wins Baskin Robbins employee of the year


Middletown High School senior Liz Fogle was named Baskin Robbins Employee of The Year for Frederick County in 2015. She was also named Employee of the month in April of 2015 which contributed to her nomination for Employee of the Year. Fogle has been an employee at Baskin Robbins for just over a year. Currently, she is a shift leader at the well-known ice cream store working about 25 hours a week.

“I was so shocked when I got the award,” said Fogle. “It makes me feel very happy and it was definitely rewarding.”

Nominations and the winner for the award were announced at the Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts Christmas party in December 2015. To receive a nomination, an employee must have been an employee of the month during that year, show good customer service, have knowledge of the work place, keep a clean work environment, go above and beyond the rules and expectations of the managers, have a flexible schedule and come in when other co- workers call off. Fogle demonstrated all of these qualities during her first year working at Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins takes pride in providing a fun, creative and innovative environment for their workers. Fogle said she loves working at Baskin Robbins because of the great managers, setting and flexible hours.

“I love the work environment. The energy is inviting and energetic and always makes me happy to enjoy my day at work,” said Fogle.

A Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts franchise will be coming to Middletown by the end of 2016. The combined ice cream and donut shop will be located next to the CVS Pharmacy off of Main Street in Middletown. The shop will include a drive through.

Fogle said the Baskin Robbins where she works on Alternate 40 will be hiring new employees at the end of March for summer jobs. Employees must be 16-years-old and enjoy communicating with customers.

“It is such an amazing place to work, especially for a first job,” added Fogle.

Fogle plans on continuing to work at Baskin Robbins until she finishes getting her CNA/GNA nursing certification, which she is currently going to school for. She then hopes to get a job at a hospital, nursing home or family doctor practice until she gets her nursing degree from Frederick Community College. Fogle then anticipates on working as a registered nurse in a hospital emergency room.

Fogle said, “I really just want to be a nurse so I can help people and be their caregiver.”

Fogle said she is glad she won the Employee of the Year award because it is a superior achievement to put on her resume to help her in the future with her career.