Middletown elections brings up new goals for the future of Middletown


By Caroline Schaeffer, Round Table reporter

The Middletown Elections were held on April 4 saw the Burgess of Middletown, John Miller, retaining his position after running. The two commissioner positions ended with Candidate Thomas S. Catania and Commissioner Christopher Goodman beating out Anthony Ventre, who held the position since 2008.

Goodman, whose roots in Middletown go back to the original founders, was elected in 2012 and has lived near Middletown until 2003 when he moved within the city limits.

Goodman said he wants to continue the work on the water line, stop speeding drivers in the city limits and build a new library to replace the one on Prospect Street.

Catania, a Middletown resident since 1993, worked in telecommunications for the past twenty years before deciding to run for the position of commissioner this year.

Catania said he plans to focus on the budget of Middletown and to work on the water and sewage of the city. The future growth of the town is also a priority for Catania.

Burgess John Miller had been a resident of Middletown Valley since 1962 and has been employed by the city government since 1992. Returning to his alma mater, he worked at Middletown Middle and High Schools as a history teacher for 34 years. He retired in the 2014-2015 school year.

Miller wishes to “finish the job” he started in Middletown. His vision for the community includes focus on the streetscape, furthering growth and enhancing the schools.

Miller won with 288 votes. Goodman was re-elected with 231 votes while Catania surpassed Ventre by a mere three votes at 175 to 172 votes.

The voting on April 4 was held at Middletown Municipal Center.