Middletown makes efforts to go green


Recently The Frederick News Post released an article about the effort that Middletown has placed into going green in order to achieve the state standard of sustainability. There is a new solar field that has been built on Remsburg Park which is considered an effort toward this goal.

There will be another solar field built in order to power the waste water treatment facilities near Whiles Branch Park.

Many towns around Middletown have also been considered sustainable, such as Brunswick and Frederick. Burkittsville, Walkersville, New Market and Thurmont are also going through the same environmental conservation processes as Middletown.

Middletown will most likely make decisions similar to the ones Brunswick made in the past in order to be considered sustainable. Bruswick has added more solar panels to homes and they are also building more developments that are environmentally beneficial.

Middletown has created a task force called the “Green Team” in order to soley focus on making the town more environmentally friendly. The “Green Team” will most likely be focused on the new developments that are being built as well as new business facilities to prevent any environmental damage during the construction process.

MHS sophomore Aniston Morris said, “These efforts are a good idea and it will make the town a healthier and happier place.”