Middletown students volunteer at the Boonsboro Greenfest

Hannah Prensky

Middletown students volunteer at the Boonsboro Greenfest

By Reid Fedors, Round Table reporter

The Boonsboro Greenfest is an annual event held in Boonsboro that helps raise awareness to recycle. This year it is on Saturday, May 7 and it starts at 10 a.m and goes to 5 p.m at Shafer Memorial park in Boonsboro. This is the eighth year that the event is running, and it has been running great over the past few years.

Middletown High School government teacher Sean Haardt is on the Boonsboro Greenfest committee and hopes to help raise awareness of recycling in the communities of Boonsboro and Middletown.

“Along with raising awareness about recycling, it really helps business in Boonsboro,” said Haardt, “it really make me appreciate being part of a small town.” Haardt added that this event really helped him show how to give back to the community.

There are many things to love at this event, for example there is live music all day and food and refreshments as well. The food costs money but it is free admission to get into the greenfest.

There is also another thing to benefit the community apart from raising awareness: clothing swap and sale. The clothes will be donated to people in need in the area.

Haardt said the event was “started by a group of people in Boonsboro who wanted to bring recycling to Boonsboro.” Haardt later added that they also wanted to promote practices that were sustainable.

“The Greenfest Committee puts a lot of work into this event, and it really brings the town of Boonsboro together.” said Haardt.

Haardt said that there are many student and adult volunteers this year, and every year at the Greenfest.

Haardt said,  “The event details usually get around by word of mouth and announcements showing how fun it is.”

Even though the volunteer sign-ups are over for the Greenfest, everybody can still go and support recycling and the town of Boonsboro.