Mormon misconceptions


Photo by LDS Church

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By Heidi Daniels, Feature managing editor

All over the world, people have debated on what Mormons believe. People wonder why some people are drawn to this particular faith. I am here to answer those questions and misconceptions some people do not fully understand.


  1.  “Are Mormons Christian?”

Mormons are Christian. A lot of people think we, as Mormons, do not believe in Christ, but we do. Centered on Christ and His ministry, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints (the full name of the Mormon Church), believe His teachings set a path for men and women. Believing that Jesus is the Son of God, Savior and Messiah of all mankind, we read the prophecies in the Old Testament of Christ’s coming, and in the New Testament where He fulfilled these prophecies.


  1.  “Mormons don’t believe in the Bible; they have their own Bible.”

As Christians, Mormons believe in the Bible written by prophets, who were called by God, to lead and guide us. Because God loves His children, He gave us a second record of Christ’s ministry, written by prophets like Moses and Abraham, but taking place in the Americas. This second record is the Book of Mormon. This book provides the experiences and stories of what happened before, during and after Jesus’ time on earth. While some think that the Book of Mormon is here to replace the Bible, it is referenced as an additional record or another testament of Jesus Christ.


  1. “Mormons worship Joseph Smith.”

After Christ’s life on earth, His disciples continued His teachings. The officials did eventually kill most of them off leading to Christ’s gospel being ultimately removed from the earth. In 1805, a young man by the name Joseph Smith was born. At 14 years old young Joseph was earnestly considering which church to join. He came to the conclusion to ask God. While in the woods, as he fervently prayed, he was visited by God and Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith was to restore Christ’s church on the earth. As Mormons, we worship Jesus Christ, but believe Joseph Smith had a vital role in restoration of Christ’s gospel.


  1. “Aren’t Mormons the ones with the five wives?”

Introduced in conversation frequently, this is one of the most common misconceptions of the Mormon church. Polygamy was important in the progression of Christ’s church for about half a century. It started during Joseph Smith’s lifetime but was more publicly known during the time of Brigham Young, Joseph Smith’s successor. Today, polygamy is strictly prohibited in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and has been that way for over 120 years.


Hopefully, I answered some of the questions people have had and cleared up some unfamiliar concepts.