Evich “freezes” the other competitors in the Mr. Middletown competition

By Molly Spillman , Photography Editor

On Friday, May 16, the 16th annual Mr. Middletown competition took place in the MHS auditorium.

Competitors included Sam Bladey, escorted by Sarah Kleinhanzl,  Phil Evich, escorted by Karlye Pick, Ben Panther, escorted Heidi Cipolla, Justin Reed, escorted by Hannah Powell and Joe Skowronski, escorted by Julianna Posey.

Talents for the night ranged from margic tricks, Irish jigging and stand up comedy. Impersonations included Batman, Noah Kady, and a scene from the movie “The Other Guys”. What stole the show, however, was an unexpected “Frozen” duet between Phil Evich, as Anna, and Karlye Pick as Prince Hans.

The crowned winner was Phil Evich at the end of the night.