‘New Girl’ finale leaves much to elaborate upon

New Girl finale leaves much to elaborate upon

By Kim Fleming, Round Table opinion editor

The Fox sitcom “New Girl” recently aired its yearly Christmas episode, also known as the show’s mid-season finale. The current season has been full of main character Jess’s ongoing relationship troubles, in addition to the rest of the loft-goers’ lives as well.

Season five left the audience in suspense when they learned that Jess was still in love with Nick at Cece and Schmidt’s wedding, although Nick was in a committed relationship with Reagan. Jess had just gotten out of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sam, and was very confused about her feelings until this event.

When season six began, Jess couldn’t stand her overwhelming feelings for Nick and took up multiple strange hobbies, including joining a “single’s club,” dedicated to not being in a relationship and keeping it that way. It was in this club where Jess met Robbie, a quirky man with large circular glasses and a nasal tone of voice, whom she would later end up dating in episodes to come. She took the opportunity to use Robbie as a distraction from her feelings for Nick, but ended up feeling bad that she didn’t like him as much as he liked her.

In numerous attempts to tell Robbie she wasn’t interested, Jess injured him many times on accident. Her kind nature got the best of her, and she ended up taking care of Robbie through Thanksgiving, until she was finally brave enough to confront him. After telling him how she felt, Robbie left the ruined Thanksgiving dinner in sorrow.

Upon reflection, however, Jess realized that she didn’t know Robbie well enough to say she wasn’t interested, so she chased after him to tell him so, which is where the mid-season finale began.

In this episode, Jess convinces everyone in the loft to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. Jess got Nick’s name and thought it would be nice to surprise him by flying Reagan in from Seattle. Nick, wanting to skip Christmas this year, coincidentally bought a plane ticket to surprise Reagan in Seattle.

Once receiving news of this, Jess gets in a huge argument with Nick while trying to keep him home for Christmas. In a hateful tone, Jess says, “I’m flying Reagan out from Seattle to surprise you. I’m your secret Santa, you jerk,” and leaves the room. After she leaves, the viewer hears Nick say to himself, “So this is what it feels like to be instantly sorry.”

During this argument, Nick also stated the fact that he noticed Jess was “acting weird” ever since he got home from his trip with Reagan in New Orleans. It is obvious that Jess didn’t hide her feelings for him very well earlier in the season, although Nick interpreted her actions as a hatred toward Reagan rather than a love for him.

Later that night, when everyone was exchanging gifts, Jess realized that she had put Winston’s name in twice, leaving herself out. She became very sad after watching everyone give gifts that were full of love to each other. In a joyous end to the episode, however, boyfriend Robbie and Nick come to save the day, organizing a huge present for her right outside their apartment building.

Nick has Reagan drop paper from the roof to imitate snow and the whole street was lit up with Christmas lights. A choir even came in and began singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, led by no other than Darlene Love. Jess was beyond surprised by her friends’ efforts to bring her some Christmas cheer.

Although the episode didn’t leave viewers in as much suspense as season five did, it opened up a lot of opportunity for the show in 2017. It will be interesting to see how well Nick and Reagan’s relationship works, or if it will ultimately fall through. Perhaps Nick and Jess will get another chance in the future?

“New Girl” writer Liz Meriwether said in an interview with EW that “the door is definitely not shut” on Jess and Nick.

So, it’s likely that fans will get to see more of the two together once again.

The show’s writers will also hopefully develop the storyline of newlyweds Schmidt and Cece, having just recently bought their own house. This couple has a truly great dynamic, which has had fans rooting for them throughout the entire show. Now that they are finally together, it’s exciting to see what hardships they come across, but also what they accomplish as husband and wife.

“New Girl” returns on Fox on Jan. 3, 2017.